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African American woman sitting cross legged on chair in a photography studio

hey, yAll

My name is Aziza Allen-Weston. I am not a realist. I am a lover and an architect of many variations. Mostly, that just means I'm somewhere magnifying beauty- anywhere I can be, really. Here at Portlock Manor specifically, I've cultivated a space of inspiration where people can feel safe enough to imagine again. Through Harlem Event Co., I offer event curation, set design, and creative direction.

I created Portlock Manor as an ode to my mother; Portlock, her maiden name. I have made a vow to curate for Black women, and therefore all women, a space to rest, breathe and imagine. This place is a safe space for creatives of all sorts to try and fail and fall apart and be knit back together. We're patient here. We're a reflective bunch, too. So come - shoot your campaigns  but also share a glass of wine or lose yourself in a book. Write one, even.

Door's open. Kettle's on.



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