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Welcome home

 Welcome to your Portlock Manor Membership - we understand creatives here. 

Premier Memberships

Every Membership Includes

  • 30% Off All Portlock Manor Services

  • Weekly Member-Only Coworking Days

  • Discounted & Early Access to Events & Digital Assets

  • The House Guest

    Every month
    For the patron who wants a taste of everything
    • 2 Hours of Media Rentals ($214 value)
    • 30% off of every additional hour
    • 30% off of 1 five-hour quarterly event
    • Access to member-only coworking
  • The Gatherer

    Every month
    For the discerning host or organization who needs a monthly meeting space
    • 1 Five-Hour Event Credit Per Month ($647 value)
    • Access to Event Decor Library to Use In-House
    • Waived Event Fee and Discounted Stays at Our Sister Property
    • +1 Coworking Guest Pass
  • The Creator

    Every month
    For the creatives in need of an inspiring headquarters to create, fail, and rest.
    • 8 Hours of Exclusive Rental ($856 value)
    • 1 Five-Hour Weekday Event Credit Per Quarter ($347 value)
    • Access to Private Library of Production Materials
    • Shooting Access at Our Sister Property - Wilson Ave
    • +1 Coworking Guest Pass
  • The Executive

    Every month
    For business owners in need of a private and inspiring space to host their clients
    • 10 Hours of Exclusive Rental ($1070 value)
    • 1 Five-Hour Event Credit Per Quarter ($347 value)
    • 10% Discount For Wellness Professionals
    • +1 Coworking Guest Pass

The Creator

For the creatives who need an inspiring space to create, to fail, to question, and to rest

This offering is for creatives who need to produce creative assets on a monthly basis and meet prospective clients, investors, or donors in person. This magic-maker has visited Columbus’ studios and hasn’t quite met the place that provides a creative headquarter instead of a drop-in situation. This Manor Membership gives the creative nomad a community to connect with and a dependable, inspiring, and professional space to call home.

Creative Masterminds | Photographers | Videographers | Content Creators

the executive

For business owners who miss the personal touch of meeting in-person with clients

This offering is for business owners who are ready to prioritize connection again. These founders, directors, and CEOs are disappointed with the sterility and lack of exclusivity of traditional coworking spaces - they need a space with the kind of personal touch that closes deals. Through the Manor, they get 1,800 square feet of meeting space curated to host their business affairs - more than any coffee shop could offer.

Therapists | Small Business Owners | Service-Based Businesses  

the gatherer

For the host or organization who needs a monthly meeting space

This offering is for individuals and organizations who aim to host monthly gatherings but are tired of renting hourly and paying premium prices to source all their event decor. To them, the Portlock Manor Membership gives 2 gifts: access to our decor rental library filled with tableware and floral options, and the ability to linger, with our evening options allowing you to connect into the evening long after the time posted on the invitation.

Event Aficcionados | Hostesses | Organizations

the houSe guest

For the patron who wants a taste of everything

This offering is for the busy, beauty-loving person who always has an idea coming up the pipeline; they’re not always sure what’s happening next, but they know they’ll need a space to make it all come to life. Whether they are scaling their businesses or just excited to be a part of the PM community, they get access to our premier offerings - events, hourly house rental, and co-working - all at a discount.

Small Business Owners | Ideators | Creative Leaders 

quarterly memberships

Same memberships, better pricing. Enjoy 20% off of plans when you sign up for quarterly memberships.

  • The Quarterly House Guest

    Every 3 months
  • The Quarterly Gatherer

    Every 3 months
  • The Quarterly Creator

    Every 3 months
  • The Quarterly Executive

    Every 3 months
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